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Augmented induction for highways (Immersive Learning)


Cynhyrchiant a dulliau newydd o weithio, Technoleg ddigidol a newydd, Adnoddau dysgu, Cymwysterau a chyrsiau newydd

BAM Nuttall

Morgan Sindall; Volkers; MakeReal; Environmental Resource Management

England (West Midlands)




The project will reduce teaching time and improve memory retention for behavioural induction training onto highway construction sites using augmented reality in a blended learning solution. Content will cover topics including: access and egress, exclusion zones, people plant, scaffolding.

This will be delivered using classroom environments, tablet computers and affordable virtual reality headsets. Products include 3D content, serious games and interactive quizzes. It will be presented in multiple languages most spoken on site.

The project will pilot at the BMV M5 Oldbury viaduct site in Birmingham as a working example and then expanding to the M62 and M27 smart motorway projects with plans for further scaling post-project.

After the project, BAM Nuttall will have shown how augmented reality can be delivered through networked tablet devices to improve how site inductions are delivered through learning approach, reductions in time and increased engagement from learners. They will have developed a product that can deliver this which will be available for industry to use.

  • 2,000 learners receiving enhanced behavioural induction
  • Cirtual and augmented reality content mapped to learning environment / content (3D models, 36-degree photos & video)
  • Mobile app that enables the content to be scaled and delivered more widely
  • Serious game to be used at promotional, careers and awareness events

01 Tach 2018

31 Hyd 2020