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Performance reporting


Published every quarter, CITB's performance reports aim to provide an overview of where the industry’s Levy is invested and what impact it has had, allowing you to track our progress against our business plan. Whilst the main purpose is to keep you informed, we also hope that this will help you, help us, when you feedback how and where you think the industry’s Levy should be invested.

Quarter 2: July to September 2022

This performance report tracks our progress against targets set out in our 2022-23 business plan, and how we’re supporting the construction industry to have a skilled, competent and inclusive workforce, now and in the future.

Our role is to:

  • Inform and enable the right people into construction​
  • Develop a training & skills system to meet current and future needs
  • Support the industry to train and develop its workforce

Read the full report:

Some highlights from this quarter are:

Aim: 10% Increase in the number of people visiting Go Construct

Progress: above target at 56%

Go Construct continues to experience extremely strong growth, with over 614,000 visitors so far this year - a 56% year-on-year increase. This is fantastic news for employers as more people consider a career in construction.

Our social media campaign to promote apprenticeships was another huge success. Targeted towards young people and delivered across TikTok and Snapchat, it reached over 100,000 users – over 1,300 of which clicked through to Talentview to find a construction apprenticeship or job.

Aim: 3% increase in number of employers accessing CITB training support

Progress: above target at 5%

A highly skilled workforce is dependent on the right training: high quality, cost-effective, and at a time and place that suits businesses. That’s exactly what we offer our customers.

Over 5,300 employers received £6.7m from our short course grant scheme, which supports core training requirements. We are building on the success of Training Groups – which supported over 1,400 employers – by revolutionising our training offer through the employer network pilot.

Aim: to publish Net Zero Action Plan

Progress: delivered

We successfully published our Net Zero Action Plan in September 2022. Industry told us that greater clarity was needed on the skills required to prepare for net zero, so we are providing leadership in this vital area.

We’re developing new standards and qualifications, targeting funding towards net zero priority skill areas and undertaking research – nationally and regionally – to identify future skills needs.

Crucially, this plan is dynamic – it will develop as greater clarity is established as to where the skills demands are.