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Chimney Occupations

This suite contains National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the occupational area of

  • Chimney Occupations.

You can view the National Occupational Standards for Chimney Occupations below.


There are currently no reviews taking place. To give feedback or suggest a change please contact the standards team by emailing .

Current structures

CITB manages the structures for vocational qualifications. We base the content for these structures on the relevant National Occupational Standards.

The structures are approved by employers and industry stakeholders. Training organisations base their courses on the structures.

See the current recommended qualification structure and national vocational qualification structure for this occupational area below.

Recommended qualification structures

Level 2 RQS Install Chimney Flues and Solid Fuel Appliances (PDF, 391KB)

Level 2 RQS Sweep, Service and Inspect Flues and Appliances (PDF, 387KB)

Level 3 RQS Inspect and Design Chimneys and Dry Solid Fuel Installations (PDF, 257KB)

Structures for NVQs/SVQs

Level 2 Installing Chimney Flues and Solid Fuel Appliances combined NVQ and TQT (PDF, 205KB)

Level 2 Sweeping, Servicing and Inspecting Flues and Appliances combined NVQ and TQT (PDF, 201KB)

Level 3 Inspecting and Designing Chimneys and Dry Solid Fuel Installations combined NVQ and TQT (PDF, 201KB)

Questions or feedback about these structures

You can view individual standards on the NOS database, or by emailing .

If you would like to suggest changes to the current standards or have a suggestion for the structures, please complete our Standards enquiry form.

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