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Funding restrictions for the Skills and Training fund

Please review the restrictions below carefully, to ensure your application will be eligible for funding: 

1. About applicants and beneficiaries

a. CITB will only enter into dialogue regarding proposals with a permanent employee of the organisation submitting the application.

b. The fund cannot support any individuals who are not eligible under the CITB grant rules.

c. Only one Skills and Training application will be approved per eligible organisation per 12-month period, starting from the date the application is submitted (Skills and Training applications only).

2. Type of funding

a. Grant should be included from the request and, where available, should be claimed through the CITB grant scheme.

b. There must be no other funding support available for the project through alternative channels which sufficiently meet the stated needs, such as government skills funding.

c. We will not fund any activity that occurs in the past, or outside the dates set out in the project funding agreement.

3. Restrictions on certain activities

 The Skills and Training is intending to be used for training only. Unless otherwise stated, we will not fund:

  • Items of capital expenditure
  • Training awards, sponsorship, celebration events
  • Standalone technical guidance or manuals
  • Purchasing of software and licences
  • Part time, full time posts
  • Apprenticeships (there is separate funding for this)
  • Educational activities and promoting careers
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Consultancy fees.