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Leadership and Management Development Fund for large businesses


CITB can help you access up to £50,000 of funding for training to improve your business. We have expanded our funding offer for large businesses seeking to provide training to their staff.

The Leadership and Management Development Fund for large businesses is a non-competitive fund. It will enable large construction companies (with over to 250 directly employed staff) to invest in developing the leadership, management or supervisory skills of their workforce.

If you are a large employer looking to provide bespoke leadership and management training for your team, you can apply to our Leadership and Management Fund.

Who can apply to the Leadership and Management Development Fund?

To apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your business needs to have over 250 directly employed staff
  • You will need to have submitted your 2023 Levy return
  • All year’s levy payments must be up to date
  • One application only per associated business (see Guidance notes (PDF, 191KB) for further explanation).

Don’t meet the criteria?

Leadership and Management training may still be available to you even if you don't meet the criteria for this fund.

Please visit our website page for further information. Leadership and Management training with - CITB

What are the benefits of Leadership and Management Development Fund for my business?

The Leadership and Management Fund is a flexible offer which can help contribute towards your leadership and management training costs, it can help you improve an existing program, develop a new one, try a new delivery method or simply repeat an existing training program to new cohorts.

This funding opportunity will allow you to deliver training to your team, based exclusively on your business needs.

How much you can apply for?

You can apply for up to £50,000. The fund will support a wide range of leadership and management development activities, including external or in-house training programmes, recognised leadership qualifications, development of new content or improvements to existing bespoke leadership training resources. 

All training or related activity must focus on the development of management, leadership, or supervisory skills.  This should be aimed at delegates whose primary role is as a manager, leader, or supervisor, or someone being developed to step into that role in the near future.

This fund does not support any activity already funded under the grant scheme or other funding routes.

When can you apply?

The fund opened on 01 December 2022.

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2023.

Please note: if you are successful, the funding must be utilised within 18 months from the start date of the funding agreement. Leadership and Management training programmes must be in the future, past training programmes will not be funded retrospectively.

Before you apply

Make sure you've read and understood these documents:

We know your business’s workforce is the most important asset for success. Our Leadership and Management Fund can help prepare your business to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Apply today.

What happens next?

Assessing applications

  • You should receive a decision from us (via e-mail) after each assessment round is complete
  • The CITB team will review and assess all applications. The criteria and process are set out in the guidance notes.

Application decisions

Assessments will take place at the end of each month with funding decisions communicated as soon as each assessment round is complete.   If we have not been able to approve your application, you will be notified and given the opportunity to revise your programme to align to the aims of the fund.

Monitoring and completion

After the funding agreement has been signed you can start your training project. We understand that circumstances are subject to change. Proposals to change your funded activity should be submitted in writing to L&MFund@citb.co.uk and will be considered on a case-by-case basis (where an exceptional change in circumstance has arisen). 

We will agree monitoring arrangements and evidence requirements with you. Please remember to keep evidence of all invoices and certificates as you will need to submit these to CITB to demonstrate that the funded activity has taken place.

Publicity and Communications

We may wish to publish details of your programme on our website once funding has been approved.

We may ask to work with you to develop press releases, case studies or promotional videos relating to your programme either during delivery, or upon completion.


Evaluation is a mandatory part of this fund. You will be asked to include current and target business performance scores in your application. We will contact you once your programme is complete to evaluate if your targeted scores have been achieved. Participants will also be selected at random and be asked to give feedback e.g., group discussions, funding questionnaires or feedback interviews.


Further support for Leadership and Management training

Separate to this new fund, CITB have further offers that are available to all sized businesses.

Short courses - A new framework helping all levy registered employers access standardised and transferable Leadership and Management training through a series of short courses.

C-ILM qualification - Providing 10,500 free ILM leadership and management courses to front-line managers, site supervisors and site managers in England, Scotland and Wales.

To find out more, please visit our website page Leadership and Management training with CITB