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Welsh Language Policy

Wales is a dual language country where services and resources are made available bilingually to the public in Wales.

In 2001, CITB committed to the Welsh Language Act (1993) by producing a Welsh Language Scheme, this meant committing to delivering a service in Wales in the medium of English and Welsh.

Not only does CITB’s Welsh Language Scheme outline how the organisation will be compliant with the legislation in Wales, the Scheme also promotes and encourages the use of the language which will have a positive impact not only on our Welsh stakeholders but also the people of Wales. The Welsh Language Scheme will contribute to Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 Project and feed into the Future Generations Commissioner’s goal ‘A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language’.

Our policy reflects the requirements of the Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Welsh Language Measure 2011. You can find more information on these Standards on the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website.

Coming soon… our new Welsh Language Scheme and Delivery Plan, approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner in September 2022.

We are committed to continuous improvement and look forward to sharing our progress with you.