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CITB to expand apprenticeship support to all levy-registered construction employers

All levy-registered construction employers will be eligible to benefit from an expanded CITB apprenticeships support service, phased in throughout 2021.

Covid-19: CITB chief exec update - 25 November 2020

Today’s email contains details on the opportunities available to help shape various Standards; an update on the sale of one of our colleges; news from the Government’s Spending Review; and finally, a reminder of our virtual meetings offer.

Covid-19: CITB chief exec update - 18 November 2020

Today’s email highlights your feedback on a free new Covid-19 eCourse; asks for your understanding as email temporarily replaces our telephone system due to the pandemic; as well as advance warning of finance system updates; and an invitation to join the new Levy Strategy Committee.

History tells us why we must act on climate change - here's what we should do

As yesterday marked the first Green Jobs Taskforce meeting, CITB’s Sustainability and Innovation Lead, Richard Bayliss, explores both the challenges and opportunities in meeting net zero.

Covid-19: CITB chief exec update - 11 November 2020

Today’s email brings news about the Skills and Training Fund; the Talent Retention Scheme; and our consultation on Training Group support; plus ways in which CITB is combating fraud, and the Lighthouse Club Christmas Cracker promotion.

Free online Covid-19 e-course launched by CITB

A new e-course was launched last week by CITB, titled Covid-19: Setting up and operating a safe construction site (External link - Opens in a new tab or window).

CITB Chief Executive Sarah Beale to leave next year

Sarah Beale, Chief Executive of CITB, has given notice of her resignation which will come into effect from September 2021.

Covid-19: CITB chief exec update - 4 November 2020

Today’s email brings news on the launch of a free COVID-19 eCourse; further measures we’ve taken to help with Site Safety Plus training; details of changes at CITB; and extra support through virtual meetings.

Invest to save skills from being lost – CITB forecast

Government investment is needed to support skills in the coming year to prevent a generation of talent being lost, CITB outlines today as it publishes a new construction industry forecast.

Covid-19: CITB chief exec update - 29 October 2020

The outlook for the future has been, understandably, hard to predict, but today we can provide a snapshot of how we think the next five years will look like through a new Construction Skills Network Industry (CSN) Outlook for 2021-25, published today.