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Found 1521 short duration training standards. The standards are sorted in alphabetical order

Use the Download as CSV button to save these search results to your computer. We update these standards frequently, so you should check the website and download a new version regularly.

Applying printed murals - Refresher

The purpose of the applying printed murals - refresher standard is for delegates who have previously passed training to the applying printed murals standard or subsequent refresher training and can provide proof of attendance.

Applying projection plaster and maintaining equipment

This training standard is in development and will be published shortly

Applying surface finishes to external wall insulation introduction

The purpose of this standard is to provide the delegate with the knowledge to further support their learning with the following: carrying out pre and post installation checks; types of surface finishes; hazards with resources; protecting work and work area from damage; minimising thermal bridging; installing vapour control barriers; recognising specific requirements for structures of special interest, traditional construction and historical significance; recognising when specialist skills are required; how to communicate with your team and others; looking after tools and equipment; working at height and safe use of access equipment and harness systems.

Applying Venetian polished plaster and micro cement

The purpose of this standard is to provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills to apply venetian polished plaster and micro cement to an existing dry lined or wet-plastered wall and ceiling. This scope of this standard excludes dry lining or wet-plastering of a wall or ceiling.

Appointed person (lifting operations) practical test

Full details of this standard will be published shortly

Appointed person (lifting operations) theory test

Full details of this standard will be published shortly.

Appointed person (lifting operations) training

Full details of this standard will be published shortly

Architectural recognition

This standard focuses on the key knowledge and in-depth understanding in relevant architectural areas.

Asbestos air monitoring and clearance procedures

The objective of this qualification is to provide analysts and similar specialists to have the knowledge to enable them to carry out inspection and testing of asbestos works that have been carried out to ensure they meet the correct standards required by HSG248.

Asbestos awareness

The purpose of training delivered against this standard is to provide candidates with an understanding of the risks of exposure to asbestos and how to avoid work which may disturb asbestos-containing materials.