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England Apprenticeship grants

Support to apply for CITB Apprenticeship Grants

You can access support to apply for CITB Apprenticeship Grants.

The New Entrant Support Team can help you set up your digital account, sort out the required paperwork for your application or simply have a conversation about your grant needs.

Contact the New Entrant Support Team newentrant.team@citb.co.uk.


We pay grants for approved apprenticeships at Level 2 and above that focus on core construction skills needed across the industry.

Who can apply for these grants?

You can apply if you’re a CITB Registered employer and up to date with your Levy Returns, as well as adhering to the Grants Scheme policy and specific requirements for this grant.

The grant for apprenticeships covers:

  • Off-the-job attendance with an approved apprenticeship provider.
  • Achievement of an apprenticeship standard.

You must use an approved apprenticeship provider that is on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

The design and delivery of apprenticeship standards are governed by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

You can apply for grants for directly employed individuals only on approved apprenticeships.

Which apprenticeships are covered for grant?

See a full list of apprenticeships we pay grant for.

If you know of a construction related apprenticeship that is not already on the list of apprenticeships we pay grant for, you can submit the details on the suggest a course form for further consideration.

How much is it?

  • £2,500 per year for attendance whilst completing the apprenticeship, up to a maximum duration defined within each apprenticeship. This grant is payable every 13 weeks.
  • £3,500 achievement grant on successful completion of the full apprenticeship.

Grant increase for Interior Systems Installer apprenticeships

In addition to the above, an extra £2,000 is payable for individuals undertaking the Interior Systems Installer apprenticeship for new starts from 1 April 2022

  • £1,000 paid with first quarterly attendance payment (13 weeks),
  • £1,000 paid with the final quarterly attendance payment.

Your apprentice must complete 13 weeks of the apprenticeship before there is entitlement to the first £1,000 increase. A maximum increase of £2,000 is payable per apprentice.

How to apply

You should apply for the attendance grant when your apprentice starts their apprenticeship. The application must be received by us within 52 weeks of the start date to allow grant to be backdated to this date. If you submit your application more than 52 weeks after the start date, grant will be paid from the date the application is received. You should apply for the achievement grant when the apprentice has completed the full apprenticeship.

Attendance applications

To apply for attendance grant, download and complete the grant application form (PDF, 245KB). 

If you wish to apply for multiple learners at once,  download and complete the bulk grant application (Excel, 80KB) and ensure you complete all sections. 

  • Save and email your completed application form and evidence to Customer.ServicesYNET@citb.co.uk
  • You must provide evidence with your application that shows your apprentice is registered onto an approved apprenticeship programme. Your application cannot be processed without this.

Acceptable evidence can be from the college or training provider, either on headed paper or in an email (from an email address ending .ac.uk), a screenshot from the Digital Apprenticeship Service, or an Apprenticeship Learning Agreement. All evidence must show the following information: 

  • Full name of the learner
  • Full apprenticeship title
  • The course start date

As long as we receive the correct paperwork within 52 weeks of the start of the apprenticeship, we will begin making your grant payments, backdated to this date. 
We will send you a form or email notification every 13 weeks to confirm that your apprentice is still in training and employment. You must make the confirmation within 3 months of the issue date to continue to receive payments. 

If the learner leaves your employment, you must notify us, and we will pay attendance grant up to the date they left.  

If a learner moves from one employer to another during the course of the qualification, you will only be paid attendance grant for the time they were employed by you.  

For support on applying for this grant you can contact your local CITB Adviser or our customer services team on 0344 994 4455

Late Submissions

If you don’t submit your application within 52 weeks of the start date of the apprenticeship, we will only make attendance grant payments backdated to the date on which we receive your application. We won’t backdate payments to the start of the apprenticeship.

Achievement Application

You must submit your application for achievement grant within 52 weeks of the achievement date, download and complete the application form (PDF, 228KB) and send it to us at the email address below.

If you wish to apply for multiple learners at once, download and complete the bulk grant application (Excel, 178KB).

  • Save and email your completed application to grant.claimforms@citb.co.uk  
  • Attach a copy of the apprenticeship achievement certificate or an achievement notification email from the Awarding Body. Your application cannot be processed without this evidence.

On completion of the apprenticeship, we will pay attendance grant up to the date of your apprentices last date in learning.

For support on applying for this grant you can contact your local CITB Adviser or our Customer Services team on 0344 994 4455.

Changes and transfers

If an apprentice changes employers but remains on the same apprenticeship, grant payments are shared according to the number of days of employment they have spent with each employer.

A maximum increase of £2,000 is payable for each individual completing an Interior Systems Installer apprenticeship. In instances where apprentices change employers:

  • The first £1,000 grant is paid to the employer with which the apprentice first completes 13 weeks of their apprenticeship.
  • The final £1,000 grant is paid to the employer with which the apprentice completes their attendance.

You must also tell us immediately if your apprentice leaves their training programme or your employment. Failure to do so will result in action to recover overpayments.

Other grants

  • While you receive an apprenticeship grant you can’t apply for any other grants for the same apprentice, except for short course achievements and plant qualifications which are necessary, appropriate and not included within the apprenticeship.
  • You must meet the cost of other additional training.

Apprenticeship travel and accommodation funding

We are widening the support offer for employers with apprentices who have to 'Travel to Train'.

We will fund 80% of accommodation costs for eligible apprentices of grant eligible employers who attend colleges or training providers where overnight stays and travel to and from a hotel to a place of training are required.

Employers can also claim excess costs for apprentice travel where the cost exceeds £20 per week.

Find out more about "Travel to Train" on the apprenticeship travel and accommodation and funding page.