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Wellbeing in Construction


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Laing O'Rourke

GB Wide



Through the development and delivery of a mental health and wellbeing digital learning hub and supporting digital campaign, hard to reach (micro-organisations) in the construction industry will be better equipped to manage mental health, wellbeing and resilience issues that they encounter in the workplace.

Laing O’Rourke, in collaboration and partnership with other Construction Companies and Trade Organisations, will engage the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and The Samaritans to develop a Wellbeing & Resilience Hub. The aim is to raise awareness, develop skills and inform construction workers of themes of wellbeing, mental health and resilience. Specifically, the project will 'target' individuals who work for smaller businesses, and those classed as hard to reach. The project will work with the Samaritans to deliver a marketing campaign to drive traffic to the digital hub, increasing participation and long-term engagement. 

This will result in:

  1. More construction SMEs and micros having access to and undertaking skills development in mental health wellbeing and resilience
  2. Signs of positive cultural change towards wellbeing and resilience demonstrated in the workplace
  3. Improved confidence to provide support to employees, subcontractors and customers


  • Steering Group meetings, Focus group, Learning styles workshop, Content workshop, 1 Wellbeing Hub developed and published;
  • Skills Development, Awareness Training and Peer-to Peer support training modules developed and published;
  • Support Services content developed and published;
  • Resources and case study content made available on website;
  • User testing of training content conducted, Learning modules completed (targeting 3,000 learners - at least 60% being SMEs)
  • 1 project plan, 6 quarterly reports, 1 final project report, 1 evaluation report.

04 Jan 2021

01 Dec 2023