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Transforming Construction Trade Apprenticeships (Immersive Learning)


Digital and new technology, Learning resources

Bridgwater & Taunton College

Bylor; Berkeley Group PLC; EDF Energy; Immersity; Wootes Ltd; Chase Consulting





The project will support colleges delivering the Apprenticeship requirement for 20% off-site learning for Form Working, Steel Fixing and Concrete Pouring focusing on the nuclear sector.  It will use augmented reality (AR) to enhance the acquisition of skills and competencies that are then reinforced on site using a collaborative virtual reality (VR) classroom that each apprentice can access remotely.

This will minimise time off-site through a virtual learning environment, increase engagement through technology native to the target group, and enhance knowledge retention and achievement.

Apprentices will use state of the art immersive learning headwear in college to enhance real-world learning.  They will then be given a low-cost mobile VR headset that they will take to site that will be worn off-site at scheduled times to refresh skills in a collaborative virtual environment shared with other apprentices and the college lecturer.

After the project, Bridgwater & Taunton College will have shown how immersive learning can be used to improve the acquisition and retention of knowledge. They will have stablished a way to deliver collaborative learning through this technology and will have developed materials for others to take the same approach.

  • Real-world area to replicate competencies and tasks, overlaid with augmented reality (AR)
  • AR 3D assets to be overlaid on real components (showing tolerance, capacity etc.)
  • 3x AR modules for delivery at college using high-end headsets, aligned to apprenticeship standards
  • Virtual classroom 3D environment (that learners can collaborate in)
  • 5x virtual reality (VR) modules for delivery remotely, in VR classroom, using phone-ready headsets
  • 32 construction steel fixer apprentices receiving solution
  • 32 shutter / carpenter / form work apprentices receiving solution.

01 Feb 2019

31 Jan 2021