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Scotland Tasters Commission


Careers and recruitment

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures




Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

This commission will develop, identify, evaluate, and increase the number and quality of work tasters specific to the construction industry in Scotland. The Tasters will be embedded into Scottish Careers processes. The Tasters will promote construction as an aspirational career path to support individuals make good career choices. This will include more people from a greater diverse background including those without a connection to construction are inspired to pursue a career in this Industry.

A suite of guidance documents will be developed to give clarity to employers on how to deliver a good quality taster including taster plans for large and small construction sites and across key skill areas. As part of the project 32 regions will be covered in the development and roll-out of Tasters to comply with Scottish Government legislation to provide support to isolated communities such as Shetland.

A minimum of 2,800 taster experiences for over 16-year-olds delivered across Scotland by 2025.

20 Jun 2022

19 Jun 2025

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