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Quality and safety in the highway – backfilling the excavation


Learning resources, Sectors and roles

Energy and Utility Skills

Utilities Contractors Training Group membership

Great Britain




The project is the third and final stage of a set of three projects which have piloted a series of short videos These videos communicate key information on the topic of safety at work.

The aim of these videos is to influence behaviour and reduce accidents on site to develop a learning resource which is flexible, can be delivered on site with minimal resource, and can be embedded into existing training practices through the Utilities Contractors Training Group membership.

  • To develop best working practises, publish final videos and findings and embed best practises and findings through training
  • Production of a short safety video about backfilling on the highway

30 Apr 2016

31 Jan 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in November 2017.  Funding was used to develop and produce the third film in the 'Highways the Right Way' suite.  The latest film is entitled 'Backfilling the Excavation' and is widely available on YouTube where it has received almost 1000 views (at May 2018).