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Modernise Specialist Applied Skills Programme (SAP)


Digital and new technology, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support, Learning resources


Holemasters, Truecut, D-Drill, Hilti GB, Husqvarna and Tyrolit

Great Britain



Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

This project will redevelop and deliver the Drilling and Sawing Association Specialist Applied Programme to meet the needs of millennials that are considering a career within the Construction Industry.

It will use the introduction of new technologies, such as, E-Learning platforms to include Digital imaging (videos & presentations), Functional Skills and App's to support learning and portfolio building to enhance the engagement of newcomers into the industry.

  • 6 E-learning modules

01 Jun 2019

01 Jan 0001

End of project summary

Overall, the project showed positive engagement with the e-learning system and practical training, as well as digital skills sets increasing amongst the group.

With four out of five members of the pilot group being a millennial or Generation Z we have shown a positive increase in young people pursuing a career in diamond drilling and sawing. Since the initial start currently we have 37 trainees from 6 intakes using the e-learning platform. 

The e-learning has given the trainees the opportunity for longer practical sessions within the offsite learning modules, increasing confidence and capabilities with less time in the classroom which has been very welcomed.

Resources available