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Master Ground Worker Programme

Training and development

Productivity and new ways of working, Sectors and roles, Small employer support, New qualifications and courses

NATTA Building Company Ltd

NATTA County Homes Ltd; NATTA Plant Ltd; PETA Homes Ltd; Surrey Training Group Ltd

South East England




The project will pilot and test a programme of training which will instil the latest technical and practical skills in the ground working sector, an area which is increasingly focussing on environmental and technical concerns. It will develop and deliver a L2 / L3 pilot Master Ground Working training programme that incorporates and expands on core components of Level 2 Programme in Civils Framework & L3 Machinery Maintenance with essential additional courses and qualifications needed for an up to date Ground worker role.

  • Develop L2 & L3 Master Groundworker Programme in Civil engineering Operative NVQ framework
  • L3 Machinery Maintenance; pilot to 18 individuals.

01 Mar 2017

31 Mar 2019