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Introduction to structured trainee programs – mentor led


Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Careers and recruitment

Telford Homes

Oaklands College; London South Bank University; Anglia Ruskin University; University of West London; Chelmsford College; The Building Crafts College




Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

The project will design and implement a mentor-led trainee scheme that supports and compliments degree education and study in the workplace.

The purpose of this project is to standardise, plan and implement training schemes for trainees and graduate trainees in surveying and construction to standardize and implement recruitment in conjunction with local colleges and universities.

  • Develop a mentor-led training framework
  • Delivered to 151 new entrants 
  • Upskill 30 employees from mature workforce to mentor.

01 Mar 2016

30 Sep 2017

End of project summary

The Mentor-led Structured Trainee Programs project succeeded in increasing structured trainee coaching, as well as significantly reducing the recruitment time of trainees.

Trainees experienced dedicated support and encouragement throughout their time on the scheme, with the overall trainee experience improving and being standardised.

Senior management time dedicated to sourcing trainees and managing the process decreased significantly, ensuring that management capability also increased.