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Digital leaders: taking action on construction’s digital future (Giving leaders the skills to drive digital change)

Training and development

Changing industry culture, Learning resources, New qualifications and courses, Productivity and new ways of working, Small employer support, Leadership and management

National Federation of Builders

Deeley Construction; Anwyl Construction; University of the West of England; Project Five Consulting

England, Wales



Commercial, Housing, Specialist, Infrastructure

The project will deliver digital change in construction companies by upskilling leaders by developing three leadership training programmes that adopt an action learning approach. 
This method delivers change through achievable cycles of learn / test / do / review that allow leaders to undertake gradual stages of digital adoption, learn through the process but also taking practical steps to digitalise during the training. These programmes will increase adaptive capability and approaches to unlock and exploit digital opportunities within the sector.

Each training programme is proposed to be accredited with ILM at L3 (team level); L5 (departmental level); L7 (organisational level). The project aims to ensure training is eligible for grant funding as an exit strategy. 48 construction companies will each put two leaders through the programme. This will help to unlock digital change at strategic and operational levels of a business.

After the project participating employers will have taken measurable steps to digitalisation. The qualifications will be available for industry to access and benefit from. NFB will follow process to ensure they are eligible for grant funding.

  • 96 construction leaders from 48 employers complete training
  • 1x L3 ILM accredited leadership course
  • 1x L5 ILM accredited leadership course
  • 1x L7 ILM accredited leadership course
  • 1x digital transformation workshop
  • 1x digital transformation webinar


01 Nov 2019

31 Jan 2022