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Development and set-up of an integrated electronic workflow system


Productivity and new ways of working, Digital and new technology, Small employer support

Building Preservation (Northern) Ltd

Genesis; Interim Management Services




Specialist, Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial

The project seeks to address the common problems of duplication, waste, errors and inefficiencies that impact upon an organisation’s productivity and profitability. 

An industry-specific app will be developed and made available to the sector to integrate back office functions with external sites. This will include all job functions from enquiry, and planning, to job completion.

After the project the BPL workforce will have the skills to implement productivity efficiencies using the developed app, which will be hosted on app stores to download.

  • Develop a mobile app and upskill staff in how to user guidelines
  • Replacing paper systems with new digital infrastructure
  • Integration of over 20 processes
  • Dissemination of resources to industry.

01 Jan 2017

31 Dec 2017