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Developing Leaders


Changing industry culture, New qualifications and courses, Leadership and management

Geo. Houlton & Sons




Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

The project will deliver a programme of leadership training to management teams, which will enable people to be more effective in their management roles and empower them to be a good role model for the Houlton way of doing business.

  • Deliver two sets of 3 day training programmes to a total of 30 people
  • Development of an improved management culture by ensuring that director and management teams have a uniformed, consistent approach in managing their business and employees.

01 Mar 2017

31 Jan 2018

End of project summary

The project finished in September 2017.  30 staff benefitted from the training, reporting increased confidence and improved people and communication skills. The company believes that this investment will have a positive impact on the retention of staff in the future.