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Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, Learning resources, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support, Leadership and management

National Federation of Builders

Henry Boot Construction, SHE French, Scottish Building Federation

Great Britain



Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

This project will increase awareness and understanding amongst small employers of the importance of organisational resilience; develop the skills and capacity to implement it with five employers and develop an approach, which enables the effective implementation of organisational resilience across the sector, which can be sustained beyond the life of this project. 

The project will develop learning materials and toolkits to BS6500 standards, and pilot these in the sector.

After the project, the gap analysis tool will be freely available for organisations to map their resilience and identify training tools to address the gaps.  The project will have piloted organisations adopting the 'BeResilient' framework and will share its learning on best practice in doing so.

  • BeResilient framework and ‘health-check’ toolkit
  • 56 leaders with improved knowledge and skills of organisational resilience and the BeResilient Framework
  • 6 companies adopting the BeResilient Framework
  • 10 awareness courses, with 250 in attendance
  • An improved evidence base upon which the BeResilient Framework can be further developed and implemented.

01 Sep 2018

31 Jan 2020

End of project summary

The project finished in April 2020. Training support was offered in three ways: 

  • Awareness workshops delivered around the country on what it takes to become a more resilient organisation in the construction sector and how to access fully funded training
  • An in-house 7-day how-to training programme aimed at guiding companies that are actively working towards implementing organisational resilience approaches
  • A public training course for senior executives who have direct responsibility for the resilience of their organisations.

Products developed included:

  • BeResilient framework
  • BeResilient health check
  • BeResilient guidance toolkit.

Resources available