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Basic Competency Programme

Training and development

Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support, Sectors and roles

Roofing Industry Alliance

National Federation of Roofing Contractors, Single Ply Roofing Associations, Liquid Roofing Waterproofing Association and Lead Contractors Associations





The project will address the roofing industry training needs by bringing together the main roofing industry stakeholders, the 12 regional roof training groups and 11 major roofing trade associations to develop and roll out a basic competency programme.

The Basic Competency Programme represents manufacturers training derived from the minimum technical competencies and mapped to a Vocational Qualification and National Occupational Standards.

  • Develop Basic Competency Programme
  • Deliver BCP to 5,150 operatives from 750 roofing contractors, across roof sheeting and cladding; roof tiling; built up roofing; single ply; liquid applied roofing; traditional hard metals.

01 May 2016

31 Jul 2019