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Assessment Infrastructure (commission) - Lifting Quality in Plant Assessment

Training and development

Productivity and new ways of working, Sectors and roles

King Lifting Ltd

Gilpin Demolition, Tonic Construction, BAM Construction Training, Avon Construction Training Group

England (South West)




This project will allow assessors to train and develop in the areas of lifting operations, construction plant and demolition plant.
King Lifting will lead the project to train industry experts to become Vocational Qualification assessors or quality assurers, as well as CPCS testers. This is to create greater access to training/testing and assessment for the lifting, construction plant and demolition plant sectors.

  • 2 Plant Assessors achieving EPA qualification
  • 2 Assessors trained achieving CPCS tester course
  • 5 Assessors tested to CPCS Advanced Level
  • 45 NVQs achieved (35 L2 & 10 L4/5)
  • 3 Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs) achieving Level 4 Certificates in IQA

01 Apr 2019

31 Jul 2020