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Find an apprenticeship

Becoming an apprentice can be the start of a career that can last a lifetime.

The first thing you should do is find out which career you are interested in. There are over 100 different apprenticeships in construction ranging from hands-on things like bricklaying, plastering or flooring to more technical, planning, or supervisory roles.

Quick guide to getting a construction apprenticeship

  1. Visit The Go Construct website for more information on over 130 roles and read real-life stories of those already in the industry. 
  2. Complete the CITB apprenticeship application form, the form is simple to complete and you can choose up to two trades or crafts that you'd like to do your apprenticeship in. If you already have an employer lined up for your apprenticeship, you will need to add their details onto your application form. Your CITB Apprenticeship Officer will call them and get the arrangements for your apprenticeship started. 
  3. A CITB Apprenticeship Officer will call if they find a vacancy that matches your skills, but you should keep looking for an opportunity as well.
  4. If you are offered an interview, research the company and think of questions that you could ask them. 
  5. Dress smartly for your interview and aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview time to give your potential employer a good impression. 
  6. If you're successful in your interview, your CITB Apprenticeship Officer will organise your enrolment with a specialist college or training provider and coordinate all the other arrangements of your apprenticeship.