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CITB National Construction College (NCC) & Apprenticeships Committee

The National Construction College & Apprenticeships Committee provides strategic oversight of training provision delivered directly by the College, and of CITB’s wider apprenticeships offer across England, Scotland and Wales.

  • The NCC & Apprenticeships committee is established to support the Board in the delivery of its responsibility to ensure oversight of the curriculum, quality and delivery of the training provision, the learner experience learner Safeguarding and wellbeing, Health & Safety, resourcing, and the funding and regulatory compliance of CITB’s National Construction College and Apprenticeships provision.
  • To monitor and review the delivery, quality and impact of CITB’s Apprenticeships provision in England, Scotland and Wales, and to provide assurance to the Board regarding funding and regulatory compliance activities and offer recommendations to the Board as to future direction of this provision.
  • In making decisions and recommendations the Committee will have regard to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements together with guidance and best practice in skills training, education and Safeguarding.

Peter Lauener - Chairperson and Chairperson of CITB Board

Michael Green - Vice - Chair and Trustee of CITB Board

Tony Elliott - Trustee of CITB Board

2023/2024 Register of attendance (to follow)

  • 6th March 2023
  • 5th June 2023
  • 21st August 2023