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Covid-19: CITB chief exec update – 26 May 2021

Good afternoon, 

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Today’s email details the freezing of Construction Levy rates and the SkillBuild 2021 qualifier competitions.

Freezing of Levy

Levy rates will remain the same for 2022-25 under proposals that our Board confirmed last Friday (21 May). Our recent consultation with employers and leading industry figures supported our draft proposals and these have now been agreed, with the Levy remaining at the per-Covid rate of 0.35% for PAYE staff at 1.25% for CIS sub-contractors.

Around 40,000 employers with a wage bill lower than £120,000 will still be exempt, with 14,000 having their Levy assessment halved if their wage bill is between £120,000 and £400,000. From Monday 14 June to Sunday 15 August, we will be consulting on these Consensus proposals, where we will be asking a sample of you that pay Levy whether you agree that our proposals are necessary to encourage adequate training in our industry over the next three years. When we last held Consensus in 2017, 76.9% of you agreed with our plans.

You can read more about who takes part in our consultations here, and more details about the Consensus process here.

SkillBuild 2021 qualifier competitions

We are very pleased to confirm that the SkillBuild qualifier competitions will run during May and June 2021, despite ongoing pressures for the FE sector.

This year’s Covid-aware approach will see physical tasks undertaken at home colleges and employer sites in ten skills: bricklaying, carpentry, foundation skills, woodworking, furniture and cabinet making, joinery, painting and decorating, plastering, plastering and drywall systems, stonemasonry, and wall and floor tiling. These qualifier events are running until Sunday 27 June. Later in the year competitors will complete a new online assessment, developed to emphasise employability, understanding and site readiness as part of their overall UK ranking.

Our careers team has worked hard to re-shape the competition. We are delighted to again be showcasing the best in UK talent, and the next wave of construction employees, across these 10 skill areas.

You can find out more about SkillBuild2021 by clicking here.

Best wishes and stay safe everyone, 

Sarah Beale 
Chief Executive