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Covid-19: CITB chief exec update – 14 April 2020

Good afternoon,

I hope you had a good Easter break. Today my update on CITB’s support to industry during COVID-19 is focused on the launch of the new £5m Leadership and Management Development Fund and help for Approved Training Organisations (ATOs).

Leadership and Management Development Fund (LMDF)

The new LMDF launched today will ensure that construction businesses of all sizes can improve their leadership and management skills.

Micro, small and medium-sized businesses can do so via the CITB Skills and Training Fund, which was recently refreshed and expanded to support sustainability and skill retention.

Larger CITB registered businesses - those with over 250 employees - can now apply via the LMDF.

Employers have told us that improving leadership and management is a top priority. I’m pleased to say the LMDF will support a wide range of activity. This includes either in-house or distance and e-learning as well as support for bespoke training resources.

We will evaluate this funding for leadership and management skills and training in future so that it can deliver the greatest benefit to employers of all sizes.

Companies can apply from £5k up to £100k, with funding available in stages for a year though we will review the COVID-19 situation and be flexible about start dates. Fund guidelines outline the learning outcomes permitted and the deadline for applications is 12 June - please visit the Leadership and Management Development Fund page to apply.

I hope industry as a whole will take the opportunity to apply for the new range of funding CITB has made available over the last three weeks. All funds have been adjusted so they are as relevant as possible to the full range of employer sizes in the current economic climate. These rules will be continually reviewed to make sure they remain appropriate.

Remember, CITB Local and Partnership Managers as well as Advisors are there to help with your application. You can find local support here.

Approved Training Organisations (ATOs)

A CITB Approved Training Organisation - or ATO - provides construction training courses and qualifications to a defined standard (see 'What is an Approved Training Organisation?').

As part of the work to help ATOs provide training to construction employers during COVID-19, CITB has extended the time ATOs have to deliver “assured” courses (where CITB has specifically defined how training is delivered).

In normal circumstances ATOs would need to complete a self-assessment in 30 days, following a course becoming standardised. The benefit to employers of this extension is this will allow ATOs with furloughed staff to complete self-assessments later and continue to provide standardised training to industry. There is more information in our Approved Training Organisation Update (PDF file).

CITB’s COVID-19 updates page is being refreshed daily and includes information on a range of subjects such as grants, funding and the National Construction Colleges (NCCs). 

You can also read the range of support measures made available to UK businesses and employees by the UK Government.

Kind wishes

Sarah Beale

Chief Executive