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Fuller working lives in construction

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The Fuller Working Lives in Construction study looked at how the sector could retain, retrain and recruit the over-50s.

This study sought to specifically look at the over-50 labour market in the construction sector to inform strategies and interventions for  the retention of existing workers and to recruit new workers to the sector from this age group. It also looked to test the appetite for a 'mid-Life MOT' or career review specifically for the Construction Industry.

A survey of 412 employers, 105 employees was conducted, and in-depth interviews were held with 65 employers, employees, pension companies and key stakeholders. 

The study found that nearly half of the employers questioned felt that workers leave the industry early due to either the physical nature of the industry or due ill health or injury. Many employees spoken to mentioned many areas in which they would benefit from training such as health and safety, computing/IT technical/design and new techniques.

The research also found that although the term 'Mid-Life MOT' was not generally liked by the respondents there was general support for a career review, with around 80% of the employers taking part in the study being somewhat likely or likely to use such a process if introduced.

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