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A Challenge and an Opportunity – AI and Automation in the Construction industry

The next five years are critical if construction is to reap the rewards of digitisation.

This new report “Evolution or Revolution?” shows that construction can reap major rewards from digital skills and technology, but only if it takes decisive action in the next five years.

It looks at a range of scenarios for the pace of technological change in construction which will inform the forthcoming CLC Future Skills Plan.

The research finds that as a less-automated sector, construction stands to gain much more from modernisation than other parts of the economy. Embracing digital technology and cutting-edge skills can help address ongoing industry challenges like wafer-thin profit margins; the need to recruit, upskill and retain the future workforce; and improving health, safely and mental wellbeing.

The next five years will likely see technological adoption evolve, then speed up – but only when the right conditions are in place, including:

  • Building a shared definition of what digital construction means and the skills it requires
  • Sharing best practice much more widely and,
  • Liberating leaders and managers to take calculated risks and drive new approaches.