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Bespoke Research Services

Our bespoke research services help customers and industry stakeholders to benefit from each other’s experience and deliver positive, profitable outcomes. 

Successful construction projects demonstrate success and save time though: 

  • Following good practice in planning
  • Setting the right standards and targets
  • Using accurate, relevant data 

Referring to the right research helps to improve the quality of construction projects, saves time and money, and addresses the issues that make the difference between success and failure. 

Working with CITB 

We have a range of unique tools, data, research and forecasting techniques that provide targeted research solutions that relate to skills and employment needs. 

As the Sector Skills Council for construction, we can provide: 

  • Expertise in all areas of the industry
  • Unrivalled knowledge and a network of experts
  • Access to unique data 

Who should use bespoke research services?

Our services can help those responsible for construction and infrastructure programmes, related training and assessing economic benefits. 

We also work with local authorities and public sector organisations who procure construction and need to demonstrate community benefits, such as links to generate employment and skills locally. 

Help and advice 

Initially, a researcher will discuss your requirements and help to establish the outputs and outcomes you are looking for. 

We can then offer you a range of solutions, but you will normally receive a report and recommendations that includes evidence from national and local analysis. 

Our recommendations will help you to make important decisions about your project, and we will follow them up with further consultation and support. 

Added benefits 

The simple answer is that research helps reduce risk. It ensures construction projects are defined according to accurate and relevant information to help make decisions. 

Research utilises: 

  • The Construction Skills Network (CSN) model, providing unique labour coefficients developed for seven industry sub-sectors to forecast detailed regional and national skills needs
  • Up-to-date detailed analysis of the regional economic issues effecting construction
  • Production of construction output and employment forecasts to 2020
  • The uniquely capable Labour Forecasting Tool, delivering skills profiles for construction projects
  • Real-time pictures of construction projects competing for skills in your region
  • Workforce mobility data, defining how each profession follows projects and employment around the UK
  • Data and analysis on the supply of workforce skills and training for each ‘type’ and level (only accessible to Sector Skills Councils) 

Assurance and competencies 

All CITB research services are provided by a dedicated team of specialists with exceptional technical and project competencies. 

They make up a national network with expert with access to unique sets of data and benchmarks of international construction projects. 

Our researchers all have Market Research Society and Social Research Association qualifications. The Research Manager is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. 

Client testimonials 

Dozens of construction related initiatives have benefited from the insight, assurance and guidance provided by our research services. 

“In these times of change when we are looking for value, quality and impact it is important that we maximise the benefit of any investment. This is best supported by rigorous research that enables evidence based decisions to be made. An example of this is the use of Labour Market Information provided by CITB to predict investment by universities in education and training for the construction industry. This ensures that the pipeline of talent is maintained so that the investment in construction announced by the government can be delivered through a suitably qualified workforce.” 

Professor Barry Clarke, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds and Senior Vice President, Institute of Civil Engineers 

"The research provided by CITB has been invaluable in gaining a better understanding of the dynamics affecting the construction sector in Wales. The detailed research has helped prioritise the work of the Forum and target our activity to best effect.”

Chris Hughes, Executive Director of the Welsh Built Environment Forum, Welsh Assembly Government 

“I really value the Construction Skills Network quantitative analysis produced through the ConstructionSkills Research Team on the construction industry’s future skills needs. Their independent economic model uses feedback from industry experts, so we no longer have to rely on gut reactions and individual experiences. This also makes assessing long-term trends much easier.” 

John Laverty, Regional Director South East, Institute of Civil Engineers 

Contact us 

For more information about how CITB can help your organisation build with greater efficiency and better results, contact Sandra Lilley on: 

T: 07717 424709